Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Parents Weekend

So being a freshman in college, there is a bit of excitement for me this weekend. This weekend is parents weekend, meaning that my parents will be up and I will show them around campus and they will take me out to eat and whatnot. It isn't like I haven't seen them since I moved in two months back, infact my mom was up with my brother last week. I don't know what it is but I am excited for it to be here.

But, for the others in my dorm, there seems to be a problem. This weekend is parents weekend. Translation, this week is a week of cleaning and stashing the "goods" so no stray eye can find them. I stand behind their abilities, I have come to learn the resourcefulness of a college student. I can guarantee you that no parent, with the exception of the ones that will tear apart a room to make sure that there is no alcohol in the vicinity, will find a drop when in reality there are quite a few drops to be found. To top it all off, I received an email today from my House Fellow (RA) to everyone within my dorm reminding us to clean up. She named the floors and dust equally as anything else, but there seemed to be an implied emphasis on hiding/getting rid of anything that should not be in a dorm. It made me laugh. As I already stated, I have nothing to worry about. I do not drink and my parents know this, therefore anything found in my dorm would belong to my roommate (which is the case with the bottle currently sitting on our fridge door) and/or someone who needed an extra place to stash something. I doubt that the latter will come into play though.

But here in lies the problem for me. Weekends are the time that I choose to spend my weekly allotment of fun, at least the majority of it. Now I realized that it is possible to have during the times that my parents aren't here, and that is what I plan on doing. But the problem lies within what I want to do. See Friday night there is a LOTR marathon from like 7:30pm until 7:30am/whenever the movies are done. That means that I will be up all night. Then my parents show up and we walk, get food, and whatnot. Sounds fine sofar? Well, depending on when my parents decide to head home and when everyone else decides to commence with plans...I will be heading out to go clubbin' with them. That will go to God knows what hour Sunday morning.

So I guess when I say that I am excited for parents weekend, it might not be fully that I can't wait to see my parents (don't get me wrong I do want to see them) but rather I am excited to see if I will survive the grueling marathon of excitement. Oh and I excited to see if the other guys here will survive the inspection that their parents give their rooms.

Update 11-3-06:
I today have learned of how the other guys in the dorm planned on hiding their "goods." Thier plan consisted of drinking whatever was left in their room today at noon. They seem to have suceeded. Then one of them proceeded to go to class. Another passed out on his futon. The third went off to work...as a lifeguard. Fear us.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Intro to, uh, whatever...

Well, I guess this initial post is an admittance to defeat, at least temporary defeat. See my plan, my scheme, my journey if you will, was to create my own website. One where I could post and doodle and have a few extras here and there. That, however, is harder than it sounds (which it already might sound pretty hard). I made my way through the entire design process, I think...because I kept finding new things to add but that is irrelevant, and once I got to the programming part, I ran into a few errors. I'd explain those here, but I doubt many people wish to hear the woes of a newbie PHP programmer. To sum it up, I couldn't get my nav buttons working how I wanted them to work.

So I guess, possibly, that an introduction is in order so you know a little about me and well me. My name is Daniel, but I will answer to pretty much any form of that with pretty much any title preceding it (i.e. Sir Dan, Lord Daniel, etc.). At the time of this post I am nearing the end of my 18th year on this here planet. I reside in a dorm in the lakeshore area of the UW-Madison campus. I currently am in the process of ridding my schedule of prerequisites for the School of Journalism. Come to think of it I think there is only one class that is a prerequisite...hmm I should look into that. At the moment I am on a leave of absence from two separate jobs, and I am in the process of finding one here on campus. I have a very diverse background, leading me to describe myself as a "Jack of all trades, master of none." I am an avid doodler, especially when I should be taking notes during class. There is a possibility that I will post some doodles de temps en temps. I am big on computers too, depending on my mood I specialize in hardware and web programming but I am no stranger to games, tricks, and programming languages. Soccer has been my passion for the past twelve years of my life, but due to lack of a team running has become the substitute. I find that late night runs down State Street are rather relaxing. Finally, for now, naps are one of my favorite discoveries of the year.

Without being conceded, vain and/or sounding like a middle schooler on Myspace I'll try and give you a brief description of my "personality." I am laid back, don't take everything I say seriously. Let me repeat, don't take everything I say seriously. If you do, however, please be prepared to be offended. I have this tendency to procrastinate too, so far I am on the second day of writing this. Avoid rubbing me the wrong way, feel free to rub me the right way. If you choose the wrong way, you will be blacklisted in my mind making anything you have said/say/will say moot. Try and make me forgive and forget, I triple-dog-dare you. Free, open mindedness is the way to be. I avoid the norm, that is unless I agree with the norm or rather the norm agrees with me.

Wow, I look back on this and read it and see that I am pretty spacey (if you don't agree with this sentence then that means I went back and cleaned it up a bit). But yeah, I intend to use this journal more as a way to creatively rant about whatever I feel the need. Normally I would rant to my friends but sadly I don't have the same caliber friends here (no offense if your one of those but we haven't had the 16 years required to build a 16 year bond). So I guess, those of you reading this are my new close friends. Feel free to offer feedback, objections or just passively sit by and listen.