Friday, September 07, 2007

You Want Cliches? I've Got Twenty

Ok, so this may sound like one of those 'So I have this friend, lets call him George...' where the friend is usually the one telling the story, but it is not.

So I have this friend, lets call him George. Well he is more of a cousin than a friend. No wait, he is my cousin. He is a senior in high school and seems to have the all too familiar cliche of a story going for him. See, he fell for his best friend. I know right. However, the case isn't that she doesn't see him that way, well he believes that see likes him too. But his problem is that she doesn't want the relationship, or at least broadcast the vibe to him all the time. This in turn discourages him and he then moves on to find another girl that is willing, all the while keeping this secret...lust for her alive. He then tells me that every time he thinks about committing himself to another girl, his best friend does something, says something that makes him forget about the other girl.

This is where George came to me. He wants to know whether or not he should wait for his friend. He wants me to tell him whether or not this girl will ever see him the same way and commit to it. He wants to move on to scene two in this horrible cliche of a teen movie.

I am at a loss. From what he tells me, this girl is amazing. She is funny, intelligent, thought provoking and extra-ordinarily pretty.
But he wants her now and she doesn't seem to want to make up her mind.

So what would you do, in George's position? Let me know and I will add you to the credits when this story is made into a movie. I think I will title it, Fucking Teenagers and Their Cliched Lives.


Blogger Q said...

I was feeling a bit mentally lost because I haven't read your blog in a while; it was like Danny-blog-withdrawal symptoms...

1. You're right, it does sound like you are talking about yourself but using the friend alias, but I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. =)
2. Haven't I seen a lot of Saturday night TV movies on this?
3. I have no advice for this guy. Because the perfect girl DOES NOT EXIST.

Boys fall for myths too easily. =P

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a girl let me just say... you know a guy is worth it if he is willing to wait. I have had a couple similar situations in which I don't know if I should risk the friendship, and when a guy just moves on to the next "piece of meat" it usually ruins a friendship eventually anyways. I actually started dating my, now, husband because when I initially told him no, he stuck around. He persued me! And not in a creepy way, but he continued to be my best friend and to love me in all of who I am! If this girl is who George wants to be with, she's worth waiting for.

10:02 PM  

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