Sunday, September 02, 2007

The New, The Old, and The Cactus

So I lied, I did not write this a week ago as I planned. Sue me. Well please don't actually, because I am a poor college student.

I have been back a week now. Straight off, it is not what I hyped it to be. I looked forward to meeting new people, seeing the old, striking out on my own again. Yeah, not really so much.

Meeting people is hard for me. I am not the go out there and get them kind of guy. I am the sit back and have them come to me, kiss my ring, ask a favor of me kind of guy. Another part to my problem is that everyone has only been moved in for three days now, and I had to skip the house meeting because of work. Less than expected opprotunity. The final piece to my dilemma is that my friends, the old ones, don't seem to want to mingle and meet news ones as much as I do or in the same ways. For the record I made an attempt last night, the first of hopefully many. I went out by myself to a new student welcome thing. Not the same had I gone with people but nevertheless, I went out.

Seeing the old, this may have been the most hyped of all the things that I looked forward too. However, I don't think the old was all it was ever cracked up to be. I have found that my friends are malicious, back-stabbing, and betrayers of each other. I have friends that talk ill of another when that one is not in the room. I don't like it. I am also saddened that one of my best friends this summer, seems to have drifted away from that position in a matter of days. Come back.

I have not had much of a chance to strike out on my own again. It has only been a week. Time will only tell how well I can handle it.

I bought myself a plant today. A cactus. I named him Carl. I do not think I have much of a green thumb, so I hope I do not kill him. A cactus is not a big commitment, just the kind of thing I need. Wish me luck.


Blogger Q said...

I'm sorry about your friends. I have friends like that as well. Er, correction: I KNOW people like that. I don't consider them my friends anymore.

It's September 20, 18 days since you've posted this. Is your cactus OK? I hope so.

11:06 PM  

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