Sunday, June 24, 2007

I was be wild.

I bought myself a motorcycle.

It is nice to see that in writing. It is true. Two weeks ago I became the owner of a brand new Nighthawk. I needed something a little more reliable than my car seeing as how that thing is in its 17th year. I also wanted something that will get my money's worth at the pump, and at 80 miles to the gallon I think I made a good choice.

I had for about a year now wanted to get a motorcycle. I have always been a fan of riding bikes, though I had never been on a motorcylce. I toyed with the idea last summer and looked around. Everything seemed out of my price range and my ability. However, when I got to school things changed. Everytime I walked to and from my Sociology class with a fellow classmate, I saw the bike sitting there. I became obsessed with it. We also joked that it was the property of our professor, which if you had known him it would have been a little funny.

The obsession grew into me pricing one of these bikes, brand new. Yet again, it grew when I found out that the bike was within my price range. Around the beginning of this calendar year i decided that I was going to own this bike, brand new. Only two obstacles stood in my way.

Obstacle Number 1
My parents. For years I had mentioned getting a motorcycle. I am not sure how serious they took me. But they always told me that as long as I was living in their house, a bike was off limits. Well now I was in college and only living with them a fourth of the year. But I also needed to persuade them to co-sign a loan for me. Which they agreed to after I made my grown up case.

Obstacle Number 2
I had never ridden a bike before. I did not know how to ride. My first thought was to have a friend teach me. When i first contacted him he agreed to this. However, a month later on a follow up I found out that he had sold his bike, apparently he had joined the military and bikes were not allowed on bases so he sold. This almost crushed my plans. But I heard about a training course you can take through the DMV. I signed myself up for the class. It took three days. I learned to ride and got my license later that week. The day after, I went and picked up my bike.

Now I have a bike. Every time I get on it, I am scared to death. There is something about being on a vehicle with nothing surrounding you while going sixty miles an hour that scares you. That along with my visions of me crashing with every vehicle that passes me. I worry and worry all throughout my trips. I honestly do not know if I will ever get used to the feeling.

Oh, I always wear my helmet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't tell me this BEFORE you let me ride on the back. :)

9:33 AM  
Blogger Q said...

AHA! So all that time when you were making fun of how tense I was everytime you sped up, you were peeing your proverbial pants off! You hypocrite. Also, I thought of a spirit-dampening question: what are you going to do in the winter? =)

1:06 AM  

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