Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well, it is August 12th. Which for most of us means that school starts in about a half a month. I, personally, move back in two weeks from today. In fact, if all goes well, I should be writing another blog sitting in my cave of a computer space.

So I have two weeks left of this so called summer. Big whoop. Quick side note, how come no one says big whoop as much as they used to? I wish I could say that I had an amazing summer and I enjoyed every second of it and I am dreading to see it end, but if I did then I would be lying. This chevalier does not lie.

It is true that this was not the perfect summer. I do not believe that I have had the perfect summer yet. This summer was spent working to pay for may things. I made a good chunk of change, but I went into summer having already spent it. What did not pay for my motorcycle, is going towards school. It kinda puts a damper on working because I do not even get to spend the money however I wish.

I do not want you to think that I spent every waking minute of my summer working. I try to be too laid back to even consider something of the sort. No, I had my outings. My day trips. My weekend getaways.

Summer started out with me going to Six Flags. That trip was fun, but ended in finding out I had more work once school started.
The end of June was marked on my calendar as a reunion with friends from school. We got together to spend a day and watch the fireworks. One of the highlights no doubt.
July flew by until the last weekend when I ventured three hours on my bike to visit some friends up north.
The following weekend I went the other direction north to see my sister and another good friend. This is the weekend I think I would mark as the best one.

And now I am here. Typing. Rested for the first time in three weeks. Looking back at everything that happened. I met some new people. All of which, as far as my mind can remember, were enjoyable in some way or another. I discovered the work of a businessman. It made me want to postpone full time work for a few extra years if possible. I found out that two of my good friends split. I am curious as to how this will affect the coming year. Only time will tell. But most of all, I became closer to one of my already close friends.

There were somethings that I learned this summer that I am not sure I wanted to hear. I found out what some of my friends think of each other. It was weird spending time alone with them, what they told me seemed to be on their mind for a while now and it kind of burst out of them. It was almost insulting to hear them say it. As though they thought I felt the same way about it. But alas, these were only minor parts of my summer and I feel that I humored them without betraying the friends that they spoke of.

My thoughts are scattered now, as you may have picked out. It is summer, and that is my excuse. I look forward to the coming school year which I will chronicle for you. I look forward to the next summer, which I hope will be a little more perfect.


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Baaaah, I feel bad for missing so many of your good posts, like this one. Curses...

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